PRISMTEAM was founded in 1982 by Laurie Pearce. The organization comprises a group of volunteers with a genuine interest in all areas of the paranormal. Our principal objective is to receive reports on paranormal matters from members of the public, investigate them, and where possible, determine the causes of the particular phenomena. Our small, close-knit structure enables it to operate quickly, investigating reports and assisting those that have had paranormal experiences.

PRISMTEAM are first and foremost investigators; it does not pre-judge any matters that may be reported to the organization. The open-minded policy, added to the wide range of experience of its members is an advantage in the sense that PRISM is able to assist reportees. Many reportees of unusual experiences often worry about the nature of what they have seen or heard.

Many of these experiences are so abnormal they often are completely beyond their understanding. They are often afraid to discuss their experiences, even with close friends, for fear of ridicule, or of being thought to be "crazy." In this respect we provide a valuable service of counseling and reassurance. By being able to explain to them that they are not alone in having such experiences, and then discussing them openly, PRISMTEAM Investigators provide an opening for them to talk out their experiences, a process that works towards reducing their anxiety.

The original objectives of the group have persisted to this day. PRISMTEAM International continues to extend its services to the general community, forming affiliations with a number of interstate and overseas groups and establishing its own branch offices in other states and overseas.

PRISMTEAM's motto is WE LISTEN WHEN OTHERS WON’T. To this end, PRISMTEAM continues its journey into the unknown!

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