The P.R.I.S.M. of N.C. are a few local guys and gals that have formed a new team, based in Spring Lake, NC, which is reaching out to those in the area and surrounding counties, offering fee free services to those who think they may be experiencing paranormal activity within their home or place of business.

We listen to their story. We explain to them the procedures in which we take in order to first logically explain the happenings by thoroughly debunking the areas, followed by recorded and time lapsed sessions using various forms of equipment which is commonly used in the field of paranormal investigations. We also do follow-ups on our cases, so our clients know they are not forgotten and that we care.

Some of us are not new to the field by no means. I personally was the Co-founder of a previous team which used to be called the Spring Lake NC Ghosthunters. That particular team has had quite a history. Though the name stayed the same through out it's 10 year span, there had been 4 individual groups in all, each having very interesting and contributing members. Even though the members chose their own paths, I chose to go forward with my friend Rob, creating a newly formed idea in respecting the spirit realm and paying closer attention to listening deeper as to what our clients may be going through.
So if you or anyone you know is experiencing something that you can't figure out what it is, contact us and let us help you get some answers. Just click on the contact tab and fill out the needed info. We will get back with you to make arrangements to hear your story and go from there.  Respecting your privacy is your wishes, respecting the spirit realm is automatic.

Our Mission, is one of science, to the gathering of data and not on making hunches. We all know of those moments when you might hear something in the middle of the night and your mind starts to wander and think of the unknown. Well, your not alone, there are procedures that we take in order to explain away the reasons for which things happen. Normal everyday reasons. If you don't need any help, that's fine,  just join in, read, learn and share.

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