The Holy Grail of EVP recorders - Panasonic RR-DR60 IC Recorder

Panasonic RR-DR60 IC RecorderNovember 2015 - Considered the "Holy Grail" of EVP equipment, the Panasonic RR-DR60 IC Recorder is unparalleled when it comes to detecting paranormal presences and recording Electronic Voice Phenomena (EVP). The RR-DR60 was manufactured between 1998 and 1999. First edition units begin with the serial number, FFxxxxxxxx.

The RR-DR60 model was said to have been discontinued because a great deal of people complained to Panasonic about how they were "hearing voices that weren't supposed to be there". Panasonic recalled the units and replaced the RR-DR60 with the RR-QR series.

The RR-DR60 digital audio recorder is not a great deal larger than a credit card, the IC Memory Recorder has a built-in speaker and a headphone socket, and is powered by two AAA batteries, enough for eight hours of playback, or ten hours of recording. A maximum of 60 minutes of audio can be stored in the 2MB of memory, with each individual memo file allocated a different number. Up to 99 memos can be stored, and each one is given a time and date stamp that is visible on the device’s small LCD screen. Using the rotating jog dial, it is possible to jump to a particular memo and play it back. There’s also a feature to automatically play the first few seconds of each file, so that you can quickly track down the one you want. Memos can be deleted individually or all at once, there’s an option to increase or decrease playback speed, and the device uses a voice activated sytem (VAS) to autimatically pause when no sound is heard. The VAS can controlled by adjusting the microphone sensitivity. A small red record lamp will flash at the top of the RR-DR60 when the VAS is working and recording stops temporarily. The red light can be particularly useful during an EVP session to visually tell when the recorder is actually picking up an EVP in a quiet room.

Official RR-DR60 Operating Manual (PDF)

The audio clip above is an example of an EVP captured on a Panasonic RR-DR60 IC Recorder. The audio clip was recorded in a private residence in Coral Gables, Florida on November 18, 2015, by PRISM founder David Pierce Rodriguez. It begins with the original clip of David saying, "Hi. This is David.", followed by an almost immediate EVP response. The EVP is replayed, followed by a version with a noise reduction filter added, then finally slowed down.

Microsoft Kinect v2 (October 2015)

October 2015 - A video clip of PRISM founder, David Pierce Rodriguez, trying out the Microsoft Kinect v.2 for Windows PC. This is a quick demo of the features including Kinect Evolution and trying out open and closed hand gestures.  

New PRISM Equipment Demo (Summer/Fall 2015)

August 2015 - A video clip of PRISM Nebraska investigator Kerry Jasa showing off some our new paranormal gear for Summer/Fall 2015! 

PRISM | Thermal Imaging Camcorder Set Up (May 30, 2015)

Video of PRISM and the Thermal Imaging Camcorder set up at Farrar Schoolhouse May 30, 2015

PRISM | Wimshurst Generator @ Farrar Schoolhouse (May 30, 2015)

Video from PRISM's investigation of the Farrar Schoolhouse May 30, 2015 while using the Wimshurst Generator.

First Look at the Ovilus IV 4 ITC Research Device (October 2014)

October 2014 - PRISM Miami just received their new Ovilus IV! This is a first look at the Digital Dowsing Ovilus IV (4) Instrumental Transcommunication (ITC) research device, also known as a "spirit box" or "ghost box". In this video, all modes are looked at and the device is compared to the last model Ovilus III (3). The device tested is a pre-order model from early October 2014.