May 19, 2008 - Radio

PRISM founder, David Pierce Rodriguez, was interviewed in Miami on South Florida's WAXY 790 AM 'and 104.3 FM Sports Talk Radio The Ticket by Alan Strauss and Larry Milian on the 'Dos Amigos' show. Several EVP were played during the interview.

April 2008 - Television

PRISM was interviewed for an episode of, Conversations with a Serial Killer, by UK-based Twofour Broadcast.The episode revolves around the Charles Starkweather murders.

Several members of PRISM Omaha were interviewed regarding their 2005 paranormal investigation which revolved around the Charles Starkweather murders, in particular, the August Meyer farm. The show will air on the LIVING channel in the United Kingdom.

>> Watch the video clip here

March 2008 - Film

PRISM Haunting Villisca movie

PRISM was featured in the documentary film A Ghost of a Chance by JEK Films. PRISM founder David P. Rodriguez and paranormal investigator Anney Horn were interviewed about their experiences at the Villisca Axe Murder House. The documentary is a behind the scenes look at the making of the film Haunting Villisca by AriesWorks Entertainment.

>> Watch the video clip here

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