Ghost Magnet Podcast w/ Bridget Marquardt @ Villa Paula (11/25/19)

Promo video for the Ghost Magnet with Bridget Marquardt podcast. Bridget interviews PRISM Paranormal Research founder, David Pierce Rodriguez and resident artist at Villa Paula, Joe Chirichigno. They speak about the strange happenings going on at the Villa Paula mansion in Little Haiti, Miami, Florida. Podcast air date: 11/25/2019.

>> CLICK HERE to listen to the GHOST MAGNET podcast recorded @ Villa Paula

PRISM @ Coral Castle w/ NBC 6 News Miami | October 2019

PRISM Paranormal Research founder, David Pierce Rodriguez, and Coral Castle tour guide, Ken Bourke, speaking about the paranormal activity occurring at Coral Castle in Homestead, Florida on October 28, 2019 with Laura Rodriguez from NBC 6 News Miami, Florida.

Miami New Times | October 31, 2019

PRISM's founder, David Pierce Rodriguez, was interviewed by Jess Nelson with the Miami New Times on October 31, for an article entitled, The Paranormal Bad Boys Are Florida's Ghostbusters.

Coral Castle Historic Ghost Tour | Saturday, October 19, 2019

Coral Castle Historic Ghost Tours ft. PRISM PARANORMAL RESEARCH

Video from the First Coral Castle Historic Ghost Tour hosted by PRISM Paranormal Research South Florida on Friday, September 13, 2019.

Coral Castle 1st Historic Ghost Tour | September 13, 2019

Old Davie School Event | Saturday, September 28, 2019

PRISM event @ the Old David Historical Museum

On Saturday, September 28, spend an evening in the historic 1918 Old Davie School Historical Museum, the 1914 Walsh-Osterhoudt House, and the 1912 Viele House, with David Pierce Rodriguez and the PRISM Paranormal Research South Florida - Miami, FL team, in an attempt to communicate with the spirits that still haunt these three historic properties! Limited tickets available for purchase online at ($30 per person / $25 for ODSHM Members).

Event link:

PRISM | Television ~ De Noche con Maria Elvira | America TeVe (8/18/19)

De Noche con Maria Elvira
August 18, 2019
Episode: PRISM Paranormal's founder David Pierce Rodriguez speaks with Maria Elvira Salazar on América TeVé regarding the haunted Villa Paula mansion in Little Haiti, Miami, Florida.

David Pierce Rodriguez de PRISM Paranormal en De Noche Con Maria Elvira en América TeVé hablando de la mansión embrujada Villa Paula en el Pequeño Haití, Miami, Florida. con Maria Elvira Salazar y Yoandy Castaneda Lorenzo.

NBC 1st Look - Johnny Bananas is In Search of the Truth (11/31/18)

NBC 1st Look - In Search of the Truth
Johnny Bananas investigates the Deering Estate in Miami, Florida with the Founder of PRISM Paranormal ResearchDavid Pierce Rodriguez

Google Guides | Haunted Places in Miami (11/1/18)

Google Guides: Haunted Places in Miami
Interview with with the Founder of PRISM Paranormal Research, David Pierce Rodriguez

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