Coral Castle Historic Ghost Tour (Saturday, October 30, 2021)

PRISM | Mi hora favorita c/ Yossie Galindo (América TeVé) 10/28/2021

Yossie Galindo interviewed PRISM Paranormal Research founder, David Pierce Rodriguez and clairvoyant Ana Echeverri on October 28, 2021 on América TeVé.

[En español] Yossie Galindo entrevistó al fundador de PRISM Paranormal Research, David Pierce Rodriguez y a la clarividente Ana Echeverri el 28 de octubre de 2021 en América TeVé.

PRISM on the Unsolved Mysteries Podcast (2/17/2021)

PRISM founder David Pierce Rodriguez was featured on the premiere episode of the Netflix Unsolved Mysteries podcast on February 17, 2021.

To read more about the PRISM paranormal investigations conducted at Ball Cemetery in Springfield, Nebraska, click here.

The Grave Talks Podcast | Interview With David (1/2021)

The Grave Talks Podcast | Growing Out of Possession (January 2021)

As a child, David Pierce Rodriguez spent several of his formative years possessed. Living in a mansion that held its spirits, combined with depressing family trauma, likely led to something very dark taking on David’s body and actions. All these years later, David is out to help those affected by the paranormal and those affected by the supernatural world’s darkest sects. The demonic.


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