Kinect for Windows Blog - Ghost hunting w/ Kinect (January, 27, 2016)

Kinect for Windows Product Blog - Ghost hunting with Kinect (January 27, 2016)On January 27, 2016, PRISM was mentioned in the official Microsoft Developer Kinect for Windows Product Blog in a post entitled 'Ghost hunting with Kinect' about using the latest Kinect sensor and SDK for capturing evidence of the paranormal.

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VeryParanormal Interviews PRISM Founder (Dec. 8, 2015)


On December 8, 2015, Marielle Pawson (Hecate) interviewed PRISM founder David Pierce Rodriguez for

Radio Interview | Q98.5 Pat & JT Show After Dark 2015 (Oct. 30, 2015)

PRISM Nebraska's, Kelley Kennedy and John Powers, were interviewed on the Q98.5 Pat & JT After Dark radio event on October 30, 2015.

NEWSPAPER | Omaha World Herald (October 27, 2015)

PRISM | Omaha World Herald Online 10/27/15On October 27, 2015, PRISM Nebraska was interviewed for the Omaha World Herald Online. The article was written by World-Herald staff writer, Courtney Brummer-Clark, and entitled, '3 of the Midwest's most haunted places are within about a 2-hour drive'.

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PRISM Video | Anomaly captured w/ KINECT v2 sensor (11/28/2015)

The following footage was recorded during our parnaormal investigation of the reportedly haunted home located near the International airport in Miami, Florida on the evening of November 28, 2015. Paranormal investigators present were PRISM founder David Pierce Rodriguez and PRISM medium Gerard Leiser.

This is our first orb-like anomaly recorded using the Kinect v2 sensor for Windows. The anomaly is not an insect, yet it does appear to cast a shadow. It also seems as if the orb-like object has a measurable mass. Could this be something paranormal? We'll let you decide for yourself. The Microsoft Kinect enables us to capture evidence of the paranormal through the use of an RGB camera and depth sensor (infrared laser projector & monochrome CMOS sensor). This provides us with full-body 3D motion capture, facial recognition capabilities, and skeletal tracking.

PRISM - Television: Mira TV | Dr. Misael (Oct. 30, 2015)

Video clip (in Spanish) from PRISM Florida on the Dr. Misael show on Mira TV. The episode aired on October 30, 2015.

Video clip de PRISM en la programa Dr. Misael, transmitido por Mira TV el 30 de octubre de 2015.

Deering Estate ~ Investigation Video (August 28, 2015)

2 videos from a paranormal investigation of the Deering Estate on August 28 & 29, 2015. Recorded in the Stone House (part 1) and the Richmond Cottage (part 2) on a full-spectrum modified GoPro Hero 3 using an infrared and ultraviolet illuminator. Several EVP recordings were recorded on a Panasonic RR-DR60 on this incredible night, in an attempt to try and get as close to live spirit communication as possible. 6 EVP's were recorded in the Stone House and and a total of 16 EVP's were recorded in the Richmond Cottage.

Paranormal Investigation Team:

  • Robb Demarest (Florida Ghost Team | Ghost Hunters International | Haunting Australia)
  • Elias Horna (Deering Estate)
  • George Mercado (Team Phenomenon)
  • David Pierce Rodriguez (P.R.I.S.M.)
  • April Seitz (P.R.I.S.M.)
  • Eric Vanderlaan (P.R.I.S.M.)

PRISM Investigation Video - O'Connor's Irish Pub (10/10/2015)

Video from PRISM's investigation of O'Connor's Irish Pub in Omaha, Nebraska on October 10, 2015.

Radio | 1800 Online - Radio Martí (Sep. 17, 2015)

Broadcast to Cuba! PRISM Founder David Pierce Rodriguez was a guest on the on the radio program 1800 Online (Radio Martí / on September 17, 2015. Radio y Televisión Martí is an American radio and television international broadcaster based in Miami, Florida, financed by the Federal government of the United States, which transmits newscasts and programs in Spanish to Cuba.

Radio con trasmisión a Cuba! Fundador de PRISM David Pierce Rodríguez erá un invitado en el programa de radio 1800 Online (Radio Martí / con Lizandra Díaz-Blanco y Juan Juan Almeida, el 09.17.2015.
* Clips de psicofonía (EVP) del show aquí


PRISM @ Coral Castle Florida | El Camino - Galavision/Univision (8/7/15)

Video clip (in Spanish) from Paranormal Research & Investigative Studies Miami (PRISM) @ the Coral Castle in Homestead, Florida on the show El Camino on Galavision and UnivisionEl Camino starring Fernanda Kelly, Danilo Carrera, and Roger Gonzalez aired on Galavision on August 7, 2015 and Univision on August 8, 2015.

Video clip de El Camino con PRISM en el Coral Castle en Homestead, Florida. El Camino, protagonizada por Fernanda Kelly, Danilo Carrera, y Roger Gonzalez, y transmitido por Galavision el 7 de agosto, 2015 y Univision el 8 de agosto de 2015.

PRISM | FOX WSVN-TV 7 NEWS Miami (7/22/15)

Video clip of Paranormal Research & Investigative Studies Miami (PRISM) on WSVN-TV Fox channel 7 news Miami with reporter Nicole Linsalata talking about the haunted Villa Paula mansion in the Little Haiti district of Miami, Florida on July 22, 2015. Read the news article here.

Video de PRISM en WSVN-TV Fox canal 7 noticias Miami con la reportera Nicole Linsalata hablando de la mansión embrujada Villa Paula en el barrio de la Pequeña Haití de Miami, Florida el 22 de julio de 2015. Lea el reportaje aquí.

WOWT NBC OMAHA - Television (October 30, 2014)

WOWT NBC News Omaha, Nebraska interviewed Director of PRISM OmahaKelley Kennedy, after hearing that a house near Heflinger Park in Omaha, Nebraska was being listed as haunted. PRISM has been investigating paranormal claims at the Heflinger Park residence in Northwest Omaha since 2012. The video piece was entitled, "Real Life Haunted Home For Sale" and aired on October 30, 2014.


Microsoft Kinect v2 (October 2015)

October 2015 - A video clip of PRISM founder, David Pierce Rodriguez, trying out the Microsoft Kinect v.2 for Windows PC. This is a quick demo of the features including Kinect Evolution and trying out open and closed hand gestures.  

PRISM | Thermal Imaging Camcorder Set Up (May 30, 2015)

Video of PRISM and the Thermal Imaging Camcorder set up at Farrar Schoolhouse May 30, 2015

PRISM | Wimshurst Generator @ Farrar Schoolhouse (May 30, 2015)

Video from PRISM's investigation of the Farrar Schoolhouse May 30, 2015 while using the Wimshurst Generator.



CLASS A EVP - #SLAVIC (6/8/05) - This EVP was recorded on an Olympus W-10 digital audio recorder by PRISM founder David Pierce Rodriguez on June 8, 2005, while taping a short interview with jail manager Ryan Roenfeld regarding the deaths that have occurred in the Historic Old Pottawattamie County Squirrel Cage Jail in Council Bluffs, Iowa over the years.

At the end of the interview, jail manager Ryan Roenfeld says, "That's really about all the prisoner deaths we know about ...not very many of them." After saying that, a click is heard followed by a male voice saying something unintelligible. Immediately after that, the interview comes to an end, both David and Ryan can be heard laughing and talking. Both David or Ryan did not hear the click or the voice. The ale voice was only later heard when listening back to the original digital recording.

Listeners have identified 
what sounds like a Slavic male voice.

This video clip contains an EVP analyzed with the use of an output level meter,
a 3D 
spectrogram (top area), and spectrum (bottom bar).


Villisca Ax Murder House - Child Apparition Photo (8/30/13)

PRISM Villisca Axe Murder House parlor ghostOn August 30, 2013, PRISM spent another night at one of our favorite haunts, the Villisca Axe Murder House. The amount of evidence captured at the house was phenomenal. This photo was shot on an Olympus 8MP digital camera by PRISM investigator Michael Beacom in the parlor room. Is this the ghost of one of the Moore children?    

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