Old Davie School Historical Museum

6650 Griffin Rd, Davie, FL 33314

Until the early 20th century, Zona, what is now Davie, was considered an impenetrable swamp, accessible only by water. At first, school was held in a room at the general store along a canal, and in 1911, a two-room wooden structure was built for the growing population.

The Davie School is located at 6650 Griffin Road in Davie, Florida. It was designed in 1917 by architect August Geiger and is a T-shaped two-story building constructed of concrete with a textured stucco finish. Architectural elements include horseshoe and bell-shaped openings, raised bands of stucco and multiple panel windows, and a hip roof with a surrounding parapet. The second floor auditorium was used for a variety of civic purposes.

The Davie School opened its doors in 1918 to 90 students. It was the first permanent school in what had been The Everglades. In 1977 Davie built a new elementary school. The Davie School was in continuous use as a school until 1978, until the completion of Griffin Elementary School in 1979. The school was almost turned into a bus depot in the 1980s, but several residents banded together to save it, forming the Davie School Foundation. The property was added to the U.S. National Register of Historic Places on March 29, 1988. A federal listing that designates structures as being worthy of preservation but does not guarantee protection of properties on the list. It is the oldest extant school building in Broward County. The city of Davie negotiated the purchase of the land around the schoolhouse from the Broward County School District in 1998, at that time the school building was being used as an event venue.

In 2008 after being closed to the public for nearly 20 years the Davie School reopened as the Old Davie School Historical Museum, with exhibits about life and agriculture during the development of Davie in the 1920s. Approximately 20,000 people visit the museum annually. Adjacent to the school is the 1930s period Viele House, a historic house museum, and the Pioneer House, a replica of a 1908 early settler's shack.

PRISM @ Coral Castle (2018)

On Saturday, September 28, spend an evening in the historic 1918 Old Davie School Historical Museum, the 1914 Walsh-Osterhoudt House, and the 1912 Viele House, with David Pierce Rodriguez and the PRISM Paranormal Research South Florida - Miami, FL team, in an attempt to communicate with the spirits that still haunt these three historic properties! Limited tickets available for purchase online at www.olddavieschool.org ($30 per person / $25 for ODSHM Members).

Event link: https://www.facebook.com/events/658007684703342/


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